Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Blondie's Burger...alllll 9 pounds of it.

This is a serious burger. It's 9 pounds of burger, 40 cheese slices, 40 pieces of bacon, and all the fixin's between 3 GIGANTIC Kub Bakery custom made hamburger buns.

Yesterday Andrea, Jay, Kirsten and Curve listeners Dave and Bart tried to eat this beast...key word "tried." In the end Curve Crew 0, Blondies Big Burger, a delicious 1.

If you wanna try to eat one too hit up Blondie's:
1969 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R2V2B7
(204) 338-0185


  1. I miss Blondie's! I'm from Vegas but lived in Winnipeg for a year or so and I loved going to Blondie's. I think we fed 12 people with the 9 lbs burger and we were all stuffed.

  2. Was just there again, I solo'd just a 1lb this time, but I had 2 plates of fries and finished some other people's burgers :) I have solo'd the 2lbs in just under 40 mins before as well... now I am putting together a 6 man team for the 9lbs of love in about 8 weeks... man I feel good after eating that :)