Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Most Germs Are Found WHERE?!

These places aren't really the surprising, but just how gross they

1 - PUBLIC MAGAZINES: Those in waiting rooms, on airplanes and at libraries get passed around through tons of people's unwashed hands. Since they've got dry surfaces, bacteria like E. coli can survive on them for months.

2 - OFFICE KEYBOARDS: Your keyboard generally has about five times more germs than a public toilet set since the little gaps between the keys are the perfect place for bacteria to live and grow.

3 - THE GYM: A study found bacteria that could cause the cold virus on 73% of weights and 51% of aerobic equipment at the gym.

4 - SHOPPING CARTS: A study found that two out of every three shopping cart handles were contaminated with fecal.bacteria...all more the reason to send someone else to pick up dinner?

5 - SUBWAY POLES: Basically, any surface you touch on public transportation is completely covered in germs and bacteria. Of all the things on this list, these are the MOST infected surfaces of all.

Now go wash you hands...eight times.

- Pamela Roz Out.

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