Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick Halloween Costume Ideas!

If you still need something to wear this weekend, consider one of the following:

Bedbug: Fangs, head-to-toe brown clothes, eye mask and bedsheet

* Why you should try it: Halloween is one big fright fest after all. Make a mark by giving everyone the creepy-crawlies.

The Walk of Shame: Men's shirt, short skirt, messy hair, smeared makeup and heels in hand

* Why you should try it: Completely unexpected, completely hilarious. And you likely know someone who'll think it hits a wee bit close to home.

Lady Gaga in "Telephone": Caution tape

* Why you should try it: It's easy: just wrap yourself up!

A Tweet: White shirt with "140 characters" written on the front

* Why you should try it: Because everyone's on Twitter and the whole costume takes less time than it does to Tweet. Bonus points for writing your @ handle on the back.

House Hunter International: Real estate book, passport, stressed out expression

* Why you should try it: While we should all be so lucky to be agonizing over which Italian villa to buy, you can at least fake it for a night.

Adam Lambert Fan: Black trench coat, lots of rings, copious eyeliner

* Why you should try it: Channel the inner goth kid you were oddly fascinated by in high school. Bonus points for breaking into a heartfelt rendition of "For Your Entertainment" at the drop of a hat.

Happy Halloween!!

- Pamela Roz Out

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