Friday, November 12, 2010

Drew's Reviews: Monsters

WHAT IS IT: Six years after Earth has its first encounter with aliens an “infected zone” is set up between Mexico and the US border where all the monster/aliens have been contained (we’re not talking cute ET-style aliens here, it’s more like an octopus sitting on a giant spider).

The story’s about two people who have to journey through this infected zone if they want to make it back home.

WHO'S IN IT: No one famous but Scott McNairy and Whitney Able are exceptionally good in their roles.

RELEASE DATE: Friday, November 10

• This is NOT an “alien movie.” It’s about two strangers banding together to attempt the impossible.
• It’s probably the only movie you’ll ever see with an Octopus-Alien love scene (btw HOT!)

• It’s definitely one of those movies where the first 5 minutes turns out to be crucial to your overall enjoyment and understanding. So put away the cell phone and pay attention!

This movie has all the ingredients to be a failure: no-name cast, low budget, and you don’t even get to wear those super-cool 3D glasses. However, this is a surprisingly good adventure story about two people who are determined to get home no matter what it takes. It’s sort of like Homeward Bound, but instead of Chance and Sassy there’s 100-foot aliens.

- Drew Kozub

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  1. Hahahah! Alien Octopus love scene! That is HILARIOUS!

    <3 Steph